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What is the purpose of our events?

The purpose of our events is to become the world's preferred supplier in applying insight, service quality, and innovation to create sustainable growth for business and Society.

What do you want your attendees to experience?

We aim to connect people, businesses, and communities to a better future, and create people with knowledge, Skills, and potential.

Public Relations3

MN NEXUS creates the ideal event for our clients in a convenient and un-stressful way.

Also, to provide high-quality and professionalism to have our clients satisfied and coming back to plan their next event with us.

MN Nexus aims to provide for our customers with the best and the most competitive advantage for their required needs in events management.

يَعْتَمِدَ نَجَاحُ اَلْإِنْتَاجِ عَلَى اَلِاهْتِمَامِ بِالتَّفَاصِيلِ

Types of events

Mn Convention


Business events (marketing events, such as conferences Exhibition, promotion, and sports events). Conferences are usually large-scale events held in convention centers or conference halls. Recently conferences have been held virtually too. Conferences have plenty of pieces to manage.

Mn Seminar2


Seminars or workshops are classified under the corporate event. A seminar has been organized with a specific target audience in mind and aims to convey highly relevant information. The planning of seminars is a lot like the conference. Only this time, it's more about learning, training, and imparting information.

Mn Wedding


Private events are used for individuals who can book venues such as wedding. Some brides prefer to use dedicated wedding planners but others like to work with event planners too.

Mn Festival


A festival is an organized series of events or performances surrounding the same theme for example music, food, Kids entertainment…

Mn Music Festival

Music Festival

To host a successful music festival, it's best to curate acts in related genres. An example of music festival is street parties, it is one of the most popular ways to get your neighbors together.

Mn Sports


It’s a gathering for social gamers or attracting gamers that play for cash prizes as a sport, gaming is a big industry to penetrate.

Mn Exhibition


An exhibition is a trade show that focuses on B2B businesses. It can be industry exhibition, art, sculpture, national exhibition.

Mn Meeting


Meetings are gatherings that bring people together to allow them to learn from one another.

Mn Trade


It is a commonly seen as an event people go to show, display or exhibit products or services for public or private view, such as Historical events.

Types of EntertainmentS

Mn Theatre


Theatre used for entertainment, sports, and concerts. Modern concerts often use various special effects and other theatrics to accompany performances of singing, dancing, circus shows, and comedy acts.

Mn Banquet


Court ceremonies, palace banquets, and the spectacles associated with them have been used not only to entertain but also to demonstrate wealth and power.

Mn Magic


Stage magic is performed for an audience in a variety of media and locations: on stage, on television, in the street, and live at parties or events. The best client appreciation events include unique, interactive corporate entertainment ideas.

Set-up an event

Setting up the venue requires people, equipment, and time in the right quantities.

An Event must start on time and therefore the amount of time for setting up is finite.

To organize an event we need to:

Mn Planning


Mn Management


Mn Logistics


Mn Pr

Public Relations

  • Understand the purpose of the event
  • Know our audience
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Choose the right location
  • Choose location and have a plan B
  • Event Costing/Budget
  • Design Concept
  • Content management
  • Draft a plan and follow the timeline
  • Speaker Bookings
  • Pre-event registration
  • Set goals
  • Contract management
  • Destination management
  • Protocol management
  • Strategic management
  • Event Sponsorships and fundraising 
  • Entertainment Management
  • Celebrity Management
  • Create Content that attracts our target audience
  • On-site attendee registration
  • Procurement
  • Plan your events time carefully
  • Award and do competition
  • Evaluate the event
  • Decor Rental
  • Event Linen rental
  • Ground transportation
  • Hotel booking / Air Travel
  • Printing/signage
  • Catering
  • Staffing
  • Translator
  • Private Security
  • VIP Area
  • Have an equipment : Stage, Sound System, lighting, Screen, Conference room, Tents, Tables, Chairs, Generator, Ect
  • Consider the visuals
  • Tell our audience about the events
  • Add post event networking opportunities
  • Map out marketing strategy
  • Choose your social network and event hashtag
  • Create a Facebook events to sell the tickets
  • Create a content calendar for the week/month
  • Schedule post
  • Voice over
  • Interviews 
  • Invest in social media Ads
  • press kit
  • Press releases
  • Award Ceremonies
  • Media Team: Photography, video graphic, director, Ect…

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