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MN NEXUS is a limited trading company that provides all the planning you need to create any event at an affordable price. We go through all the details from preparation to promotion to organization to success.

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Who is The Founder of MN Nexus?

Mr. Mohammad Naji is a Lebanese citizen with 7-8 years of experience in event management. Mr. Mohammad Naji has worked with most NGOs in Lebanon international and local, like the Beirut Marathon Association, One Lebanon NGO, G NGO, Ecolearn Summit, and ID Group.

Planning and organizing more than 87 festivals and Conferences from 2015 to 2022.

Mr. Mohammad Naji has a vision for MN NEXUS to become a portal for anyone who wants to make the best, most highly qualified, and most affordable event.

Mr. Mohammad Naji has wide public relations with media companies, the government, and diplomatic.

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